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Stolochi Makeup&Hair

was stablished in 1997 back in São Paulo, Brazil,

one of the top cities of the Beauty World. 

Since then, and starting in US back in 2013,

we never stop improving with updates and techniques,

the best luxury Skincare and Makeup & Hair products

to make your look, not only perfect,

but lasting the whole day of your Event!


Sophistication. Elegance. Perfection. 

We truly believe that connection between Bride and Artist is the key for desired results. We listen to your preferences, enhance your natural beauty without changing who you are and provide appropriated advice for your Bridal look!

 We are Bridal Specialists and for over 20 years we deliver excellence in results. 


Impress Everyone

Hundreds of women have already learned the art of self makeup through the Stolochi Makeup & Hair classes.
Individually or in groups, we provide classes with 3 up to 16 hours, where the application of makeup is no longer a taboo.
With Stolochi Makeup & Hair, be ready to play with your own brushes!


Your hair, your rules.

The hairstyle of your dreams delivered to exceed your expectations.

Natural Hair, Extensions, Wig styling: your wishes come true and last the whole time of your Event. 


Love your Baby. Love your look. 

Your body is experiencing the greatest miracle of all: You are pregnant!
It's time to  plan a Maternity photoshoot and you need excellence in Makeup&Hair.
Stolochi Makeup & Hair works to make you feel comfortable and beautiful, exceeding your Makeup & Hair expectations!